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Medicinal Healing is a complementary medicine and healing clinic based in Brisbane. We have been offering health and healing services to people living in the Brisbane area for almost two decades. We provide massage, naturopathy, nutrition advice, connective tissue therapy, chakra-puncture and healing with a medically integrated philosophy. We love our clinic, we love what we do, and we love people!


you are worth it . . .

Take a moment (maybe even make yourself a cup of tea) to take a look at our range of services, read about our events, explore our blogs. You can even enrol in one of our online classes and take full advantage of our free resources. If you're after an appointment, you can book online at any time through our bookings page or you can call or email our amazing reception team. Enjoy our site, we sure enjoyed making it.


We offer a range of Naturopathy and nutrition medicine services, including dietary advice, functional medicine testing, supplement support and herbal therapy. Our two Naturopaths, Sandi Cooper and Cindy Morris have dedication the last 16 years of their practice to support clients to better understand their body,  regain their health and imporve their quality of life .


Our workshops are for everyone. We explore topics that inspire people to look at the things that get in the way of taking the next steps in  health and healing, relationships and life. We hold full day workshops in Brisbane four times per year and our Masterclass Video Library is one of the biggest of it's type including topics on stress, anxiety and depression; food, sleep and vitality; relationships, women's and men's health; children's health and much, much more.

Try our FREE  2-DAY Body and Mind Reboot

Free meditation class, Northside Brisbane using the Gentle Breath Meditation
Enrol in our FREE 2-Day Body and Mind Reboot Program. It is one of the most powerful ways that we can "check in" with ourselves. How is my body feeling? How do I feel? How am I taking care of myself? If we are not allowing the space and time to "check in" and ask ourselves these questions then we can quite easily let life pass us by without a point of true reflection. Living on the treadmill without the space to reflect is what ultimately leads to what we commonly call, mid-life crisis. 


We have created a series of Health and Healing in Life presentations that support people with the areas of life that trouble us most. You can subscribe to our masterclass video library and have access to 20 hours of presentations. Each month you will receive access to our latest presentation ensuring that you keep up to date on all we offer. During the Masterclasses Rebecca dissects topics such as: Vitality, Exhaustion, Relationships, Parenting, Stress, Menstrual Cycles, Self Worth, Anxiety, Depression, Mothering, Sleep, Confidence, Communication and much more.

Here is a sneak peek at our Masterclass videos

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We have so many great things to offer you. Keep up to date on the latest research, our best tips, recipes, workshops and courses. We know that health is a whole life thing and so we also share our personal experience and life stories. You will find an enormous amount of support and inspiration through our clinic newsletter.

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